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Dr. Ben Culhane, Relational Psychologist

The question is not whether you are in a relationship, 
but what kind of relationship are you in?

We all wear many hats. And so do I. Along with being a relational psychologist and sex therapist, I'm a healer dealer, a sweaty CrossFit junkie, a life long-learner, a retired English teacher and lover of literature. I'm a long-term joy and pleasure seeker, a rock climber and outdoor adventurer, a yoga teacher, a deep-diver, a world citizen, and I enjoy a nice, steaming cup of coffee in the morning.

More than that though, I'm a human being doing his best to spread love and authentic connection in the world. I'm a risk-taker and courageous conversation starter. I lead with my heart and use my mind to direct the journey. Not the other way around. I've had to learn to get out of my head as a way of living, and feel what's happening with my heart and body. Our body and being able to feel it is one of our most instinctual assets AND allows us to really feel another.

One of my passions is helping men and women get back to who they truly were meant to be in this world--a sacred being having a human experience!
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If you were offered the opportunity to heal the pain from your past would you take it?
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You're connected to so much more than you realize.
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Rise to the challenge and be the man you were born to be.
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There is a way to go from where you are to where you want to be.
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  • Yesterday felt a little like graduation day for us both with you like the proud mentor who had guided us with gentle patience and skill to a point of independence. By your response at the end of the session yesterday and thoughout our time together, we have both felt your genuine care for us as individuals and as a couple not just as clients. We know you were rooting for us to succeed.

    I have been to therapists at different times in my life to help me through life’s challenges. While I have always found support and guidance, you are truly gifted. REMARKABLE! You came into our lives at a critical time and I hope you know the difference you have made in navigating us through this storm. - M

    Thank you so very much for your guidance and skill in helping M. and I navigate the most difficult time of our lives. We’d like to take some time to "love on" each other and continue putting into practice the many lessons learned under your skillful tutelage. - T
    M & T. C
    2021 Client Couple

  • "Anyways, I know this is getting terribly long so I’ll end it here. I hope you’re doing well Ben. I very much appreciate the compassion and love you expressed during our time with you. You are, without a doubt, the best therapist I’ve ever worked with; and I’ve had a LOT, lol."

    R. & L.M
    2022 Client Couple
  • Thank you Doc.
    ❤️Today you shared a 'new way' and I get it..... fits in 'the art of mastering your gifts, skills and abilities'
    Thank You❤️
    it's a relief to my Soul.🗝
    2022 Client 
  • Over the years, I’ve felt the need for talk therapy to navigate some complexities of life. And I’m grateful for the guidance and wisdom of those therapists I’ve seen. I’m a firm believer in talk therapy.

    Recently, I visited Dr. Culhane for the first time. I've seen him over the course of the past few months. I can say that he has a remarkable talent. He seems to truly understand root issues. He listens with unwavering attention. He’s calm and gentle, yet isn’t afraid to to make a necessary bold statement.

    I feel lucky to have met him — my life is better as a result of his work.
    2022 Client 

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