Answers to a few common questions...

How do you work with couples?

Not all relationships are the same. There are two individuals as well as the relationship that has it's own personality. My sessions are designed to understand each of you, what each of you want. Then we focus on how you can communicate with each other in a way that allows you both to be understood and get what you want from each other.

Can I come to counseling without my partner

You most certainly may. I specialize in relationships and there are ways to improve your relationship without your partner present. 

are marriage counseling covered by insurance

Currently, I accept insurance plans from Medicare. If your healthcare coverage provides out-of-network benefits, as a courtesy to my clients I will submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf and have reimbursement sent directly to you. You'll want to check with your insurance company to find out exactly what portion of my fee is covered. It is advised that you are aware of your benefits with your insurance company as well. Give them a call and ask about things like a deductible or co-pay.

marriage counseling or divorce

Many couples get to such a stuck place in their relationship and can’t seem to get out of the same argument over and over. What you may not know yet is that there is hope. You can get your relationship back to where it once was. If this is your “last chance” before you end your relationship, don’t you owe it to yourself to do everything you can before you make that decision. There is a process for beginning to see your partner as your friend rather than your enemy. I offer a ½ day experiential intensive to start this process. Drop me a line and let’s see if this is right for you.

Men’s therapy group 

I offer an 8-week intensive men's group 3 times per year. Most often the men that sign up want to be better men in some way, better fathers, husbands or boyfriends to their partners, more successful leaders in their career. What NOT to expect. You won’t come in and just talk about the challenges you face and listen to others complain about theirs. This group is an experience, during which you will discover what holds you back and what it will take to get what you want. Plan on doing the work in and outside of the group. Plan on getting direction. Plan on learning leadership skills. Plan on growth and movement forward.

What is the difference between sex therapy and couples therapy?

That depends on the goals for the relationship. As a relational psychologist and sex therapist, I work with couples to build better communication and strengthen their relationship. I may work with issues of betrayal, infidelity, and trust; sexual issues may arise in this work and they may not.
As a sex therapist, I may also encounter the above issues during the work, and sometimes there is a mismatch in sexual desire or needs. Other times, there may be a sexual addiction, issues with porn or sexual trauma. And other couples want a safe place to talk about and work through their differences in sexuality. I help couples build strong and clear sexual language; specific practices may be offered to support your sexual connection. My doctoral dissertation focused on sexual desire and meeting each other’s sexual needs.

How long do you have to be in marriage therapy

Depending on what you are looking to improve, the couples I work with experience results in 10 - 12 sessions. They might return for a “tune up” once a quarter as they hit some bumps in the road.

Do you see the individuals as well or just the couple together?

There may be a time when I ask to see each of you individually for any number of reasons. If this happens, it’s typically a session or two and we return the do the Couple sessions.

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